About Me

Emmanuel Matt 

I am a French and Swiss artist. My training began growing up on a farm in Switzerland. I was accepted into the studio of the artist, Loul Schopfer, herself a student of Despiau. My paintings are abstract and non-abstract. I am interested in the visual translation of the non-verbal constantly being expressed just beneath the surface of our landscapes and our lives. My practice begins with the intellectual summation of feelings and/or somatic sensations. I make a series of drawings until the associated shapes and colors surface. Cezanne, Giacometti, Mainie Jellett, Joseph Albers and Félix Vallotton continue to influence my work. 

I lived in New York City for over 30 years before moving to the wild calm of the north-west Irish coast. In addition to painting this landscape, I am also collaborating with a writer on a book of texts and images about the shifting ground of "home."